Sheffield Student Neighbours

Working to ensure good relations between student and permanent residents in Sheffield.

 Many of Sheffield’s neighbourhoods are mixed communities of students and permanent residents. 

The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University work with partners across Sheffield to help ensure students have a positive impact when living in private rented accommodation in Sheffield's local communities.

Students in the community

Expectations of students living in the community

The universities expect their students to be respectful towards the communities in which they live.

Reporting issues

Noise and
anti-social behaviour

Sheffield's universities work to ensure students understand their responsibilities when living in our mixed communities.

Waste and

We want our students to manage their waste responsibly and minimise impact on the local environment. 

Promoting postive relations

Student volunteering

Students in Sheffield volunteer hundreds of hours a year of their time for local causes.

End of term waste

The universities, City Council and charity partners work to minimise waste and disrupt at the end of term

Community groups

We want students in Sheffield to play an active and positive role in their communities.

Good Neighbour Forum

A regular community forum to discuss issues relation to students in the community.

Other useful information

Key dates

Find key dates in the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University academic years.

About and contacts

The Sheffield Student Good Neighbour Forum is a partnership between the city's universities and other key organisations.